Meet the new publications Welcome

Welcome to our new website!!!

You will find our new feature includes our three new magazines and newsletters, read them and let us have your views.

Welcome: containers the full list of our suppliers for members to take use of. It has

adverts for our top ten suppliers and factual information about how savewell works along with

who to speak to at our office if you need to. Welcome is A3 and 8 pages packed with reasons to join

Or new Focus

Welcome to our new website!!!

We will have FOCUS which will be available to remind you the member of events in the yearly calendar which

you need to be aware of such world cup, mothers day, halloween etc. So watch out for it. Focus will be produced in A4 four pages.

Last but not least POSTED

Welcome to our new website!!!

Posted is a quarterly news and update magazine. It will be A3 8 pages packed with information on what’s new, suppliers or products,

competitions, and lots promotions.

Tell us if there is something you would like to see regularly by email us at