Creme D’Or – Valentines Mothers Day & Easter deadline & Natural History Museum New Products

Creme D’Or order deadlines for Valentine’s, Mothers Day and Easter will soon be upon us.

Also coming January 2022 Natural History Museum jellies

View details of deadlines and the new product exclusive to Creme D’or here

Christmas Trading – Suppliers

Please see attached details of Christmas Trading Hours delivery & order deadlines from Suppliers for 2021.



This will be updated as further details are released, please keep checking for your suppliers!


Warburtons Price Increase 22nd January 2022

Warburtons have informed us they will be implementing a cost increase on the attached products for deliveries from Monday 17th January 2022.

This decision has not been taken lightly, but they must ensure their business remains sustainable in the long term.

Current prices and a copy of their letter will be sent to all members


Cost Increase – Frank Roberts & Sons Limited

We have been informed that Frank Roberts & Sons have been left with no alternative but to implement a Cost Price Increase to all customers, on all deliveries effective from Sunday 6th February 2022.

Due to the review of their current pricing and portfolio of products they have also instructed that, unfortunately, the following small volume of SKUs will be permanently discontinued with last deliveries on Friday 3rd December 2021

Material Code Sku Descriptor Dough Piece Descriptor Barcode Description
13768 17+2 – NG Oatmeal PF Bread Cat Omeal PF NG 17+2 – NG Oatmeal
13520 17+2 – Wmeal – (Box 10FR) Cat Wmeal 17+2 – Wmeal
13767 20+2 – NG Oatmeal PF Bread Cat Omeal PF NG 20+2 – NG Oatmeal
11526 20+2 – Poppyseed Bread Cat Pseed 20+2 – Poppyseed
10134 20+2 – Tomato & Olive Oil Bread Cat tomato & Olive Oil 20+2 – Tomato & Olive
10038 24+2 – Softgrain Bread Cat Softgrain SF 24+2 – Softgrain
13286 24+2 – Wmeal Bread – (Box 10FR) Cat Wmeal 24+2 – Wmeal
13571 400g Roberts Wholemeal 1/2 Cat Wmeal 400g Roberts Wholemeal Thick
10012 800g Roberts Softgrain Thick Cat Softgrain SF 800g Roberts Softgrain Thick

Bloomer Recyclable Packaging – Warburtons

Warburtons are making the switch to recyclable packaging for their 800g Bakers Bloomer. Not only is this a great step in terms of sustainability but it also means the new paper bag will be fully recyclable at home!

Please see attached a PDF highlighting the change and timeframe.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the buying group, we will then arrange for a representative from Warburtons to contact you.

25% Discount For All New UKG Stockists

Receive 25% discount as a new UKG stockist

Available for all Savewell Direct members .  Call now on 0207 0178863 to join Savewell today!


Savewell Direct Current Suppliers

Please see the list of current suppliers to Savewell Direct members.

For further details on any of our suppliers please contact our office on 0207 0178863

Freshways – Price Increase

Freshways have informed us of an upcoming price increase, effective 5th September

See details attached

We are awaiting updated price lists and this will be available as soon as possible

Warburtons – NEW PMP

Warburtons – Why PMP?

For further details view below

Geek Bars Now Available

Geek Bars are now available from a few of our suppliers, subject to availability.

Please see details in our Latest Offers area