OPC Gift Wrap and Gift Bag Price Review

OPC Greeting Cards have resisted the need to review retail prices of our Everyday gift warp and gift bags for many years and have absorbed price increases that have come along, however we are now at a stage where we have had to review our Everyday gift wrap and bag retail prices.

Please note that this review does not cover our greeting card prices and we have made great product improvements in our Gift Wrap and Gift Bag ranges.

Please find below our new retail prices and costs as of 1st October 2020 which ensure the retail margin remains untouched by this review.

New Prices Gift Wrap and Gift Bag as of October 1st 2020


Wrap £1.65 £0.88

Bottle Bag £1.85 £0.98

Small Bag £1.65 £0.86

Medium Bag £1.85 £0.98

Large Bag £2.40 £1.31

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