Warburtons Range Amendments

Due to the unprecedented levels of demand we are seeing from all our Customers now and into the coming week , we have taken the difficult decision to rest some of our lines, in order that we can best fulfil our consumers and customers’ requirements across a core range of products.  We will review the position on an ongoing daily basis and keep you up to date with any future re-introduction or changes to the range.

Rested Lines:

400g Premium Wholegrain & Oat (104135)
400g Crusty White (100468)
400g WW Thick Wmeal (100735)
400g Premium Malted Grain & Seeds (104115)
800g Lancashire’s Thorough Bread (105420)
400g Premium Brown (100474)
400g Premium Old English White (104106)
600g Sliced Tiger White (102442)
400g Milk Roll (100470)
400g White Farmhouse (100471)
400g Raisin Loaf with Cinnamon (100476)
6 Half & Half Sliced Rolls (107721)
6 Sliced WWholemeal Rolls (100489)
4pk Protein W/meal Thins (105038)
6 Wonder Thins (108036)
6 Half & Half Sandwich Thins (103972)
4 White Flatbreads (105562)
4 Malted Grain Flatbreads (105575)
4 White Toastie Pockets (104085)
800g Half & Half Toastie (105685)
800g Half & Half Medium (105672)
800g Wonderloaf Thick (107526)
800g Wonderloaf Medium (107513)
400g Seeded Batch 5 Seeds (100477)
Fruit Loaf with Orange (5010044002750)
4pk Protein Thin Bagels (5010044007588)
4 Large White Rolls (100483)

We will be updating with affected lines as soon as we hear.

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